What to do after retirement?

Online Business After Retirement

Online Business after retirement is a popular business. Retirement age is one of the important stages of life where an individual will learn the new perspective of life. Gone are the days when retired people use to make their day by resting. In today’s technology-driven time, age is just a number. You can explore many of the opportunities in your life with new experiments such as online business.     What To Do After Retirement


If you have ever been in the mood to start up your online business after retirement but have not started because one or the other reason, this retirement age is the best phase where you could start. There are so many reasons that make it easy for you to start your business at this stage. If you are not still convinced about the idea of online business in India, get through these points to know it better.

  You have experience of life now

what to do after retirement

Most importantly, you already have lived more than half of your life when you are retired. This has given you the opportunity to get exposure to many situations in life. Apart from theoretical knowledge, having good practical knowledge gives you the freedom to analyze the situations and bring the best possible solutions to them. This could only be done when you are smart enough to learn from your past things and take the best out of it.

 You are financially independent now after online business

The next big reason is that in your early years of life, you have earned a good amount in online business after retirement. This is the time when you can utilize your earnings into a smart investment. Your financial stability at this stage plays a great role in ensuring that you will no longer in the market. For setting up any of the business either the online business or the offline business, you need to very particular with your investments. And with the investment of yours, you can freely go ahead.

You have plenty of time after retirement

When you were in your working phase, you were always busy and occupied.  Once done with your daily routine responsibilities, you have a full day to explore. So, why not to bring the best of the day by investing your time and energy in doing some sort of business.


Now the big question arises, what to do after retirement. To answer the same, here are a few of the options one can opt for.

Start up your own online business after getting free from job

With a good idea of business in mind, you can begin with the starting up of your new business. In today’s time, online business is getting more popular, owing to the great reasons that come hand in hand with it. Hence, you can plan to start up your new online business by setting up your base on the online platform.

online business after retirement


Join a social cause or NGO

Join  a retirement club

Last but not least, you can opt to join a retirement club. In this sort of clubs, you would be getting much of exposure to the people of your own age group. This will give you the opportunity to stay in your own comfort zone. And you will never feel odd one out in such scenarios.

 join a gym or yoga classes

To stay active is what we all desire in our lives. This can be easily achieve when you decide to join the gym or a yoga class. But during the working age, it would be sometimes difficult to take out the time for the same.  Hence, it is also one of the best practices that you could opt for in your retirement age.

As a conclusion, it could be said that like any other phase of life, retirement is also a phase to enjoy and it should be lived to the fullest. If you keep yourself busy and active in the work, you will never be old.

From extending your reach to online business to joining a social club, opportunities are millions. Take your decision to bring the refreshment back into your life with opting for anyone from them. We wish you a happy retirement life ahead!


Top 10 famous Netflix shows and movies

Top 10 famous Netflix shows and movies

While looking for Top 10 famous Netflix shows and movies watched in India. It is most important to select your Online Streaming media carefully because there are a lot of platforms which provide different kind of content to watch.  Netflix is now termed as the most favored entertainment app for all the ages. It was introduced with a primary objective of enhancing the concept of mass media or entertainment with the help of the latest technologies for the ease of people’s amusement.



Netflix being the highly competitive entertainment app gives the people an option to have a choice of their own. This is done through the large variety which the app offer with various genre as per people’s interest. The genre offered varies from rom com to thrillers of Indian as well as American. This even goes up to thrillers and horror or crime of European or Asian be it movies or TV shows.

Top 10 famous Netflix shows and movies


Netflix provides an additional assistance by equipping us with the ease of to download the app anywhere and everywhere. It can be ios, android or even PC. Netflix is now even in smart TV’s by giving the people a better view of the movies and shows they wish to watch.


Among today’s youth Netflix is the best place to chill during weekend time as there is a lot of content available to watch rather than going out. People have great interest to watch the shows in it all over the world. It is popular because many people discuss about it. Even with the help of other social networking sites which offer it a great support. It offer us a help of showing those movies or shows with accordance to our mere interest. This happens as per the previously watched movies or shows.


This genre is my favorite in Top 10 famous Netflix shows and movies to watch. Nowadays, people watch shows which offer them more content of their interest. Like the people who have a greater interest in thrillers would rather go with movies like BIRDBOX, SPLIT, ANDHADHUN ,etc. Whereas when it comes to shows we have SACRED GAMES, YOU, DELHI CRIME,etc. I would rather watch a thriller sci-fi movie than watching news.


Similarly to all genre, Romance being the key interest of all ages and genders fix up a big place in the romance genre under both movies and shows categories. it includes HALF GIRLFRIEND, THE LAST SONG, THE NOTEBOOK, etc. whereas shows like YOU, ON MY BLOCK, OUTLANDER,etc. are a few popular ones.


Being more popular among the teens, movies like THE KISSING BOOTH, A LOT LIKE LOVE, THE LAST SUMMER, etc. And within shows THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, RIVERDALE, etc. are quite famous.


Started for entertainment and there on kept providing the best clarity and speed, netflix has marked up a high standard and place in the world’s entertainment society.

Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure

Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure, coaching Institutes  is informal class, where teacher help to learner to learn subject under his/her guidance. It may be regular or professional techniques related to learner’s subject under his guidance thoroughly. Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure.

Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure Aim of Institute of two types:

Most of  Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula aims  for:


It is private organization their main aim is to arrange funds to run it smoothly and to earn profits. These funds will be managed by charging fees from students of the institute or any kind of donation received from government or public. Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure.

2. Recognition

The Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure  help & encourage learners to learn new skills. It also helps to develop and motivate individual or group of individuals to achieve improvement in future performance. thus, directly or indirectly institutes gains recognition in public through teachers-students performance over period of time.

Coaching is regular process to provide guidance continuously to learners. Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure enhance and help in improvement in their performance. The teacher observes learner’s performance therefore,  encourages learner by sharing his knowledge .  Teacher’s  at Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure assistance to students help in achieving next higher level of goals for which student join coaching institute.

Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure

Tools & Techniques of Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula

In present scenario,  different Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure use different tools and techniques to guide their students. These techniques are in form of

*encourage students to prepare lesson before class.

*case study method

*self learning

*puzzles & game based learning

*videos & online sessions etc.


*role play

*storyboard teaching

*stimulating classroom environment

*encourage new ideas , hobbies

*work as team by using innovative teaching methods

*reference books

*teach lessons in form of short story, etc


Types of coaching institutes:

Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure provide coaching in different ways i.e face to face , 1 to 1 or in small groups , distant learning also through wide range of using technology. Different types of coaching provided for improving performance, skills, career, personal or life, business etc.


Most of these Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure provide coaching for particular subjects wise and others career courses. Subject coaching targets particular subject like Maths , Science , English , Economics , Accounts etc.

Career courses are targeted courses i.e exclusively for CLAT , JEE, PMT, Hotel management enterance examinations preparation.

Some of Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula are as follows

In panchkula, the first and foremost private commerce coaching institute opened by Mr. punit chawlla by name of puneet college in sector 10, Panchkula. Later new branches opened at Chandigarh sec 16 & 32. It provides coaching for +1,+2 accounts & economics. It  provides coaching for accounts for students at graduate level.

Genesis Educates, another institute popular for giving coaching in science subjects mostly for icse boards upto 10th & coaching for IIT & NEET entrance exam. It also provides coaching for +1, +2 medical & non medical students. It has two branches in Panchkula sector 15 & sector 20.

Bama academy of fine arts established in 1990”s by Mr.Ram kumar sharma. It provide high level of teaching in fine art & craft. It is operating from two branches i.e sector 9 & sector 4 in Panchkula.

The creative compass institute provides coaching for Design & artists from GCA. They provide coaching for entrance exams of B.arch, NIFT,NID, NIFT, BFA, NATA, CEEDetc. It is founded by Pankaj Sehjowalia. They have branches in Chandigarh , Panchkula and Mohali.

Home Tuition

Currently, most of  effective method of coaching is face to face. Mostly tutor student ratio is 1:1. It may be online or offline. Offline coaching is popularized as Home Tuition. Moreover, most of parents are ready to spend some extra for personalize coaching.  Even though Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure provides good quality coaching. It is most expensive method of provide coaching to student. This is exclusive & highly result oriented too. home tutor requires teaching skills are highly dynamic according to need of student.

Objectives of Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure

Objective of Best Coaching Institute in Panchkula at affordable fees structure is to help their students to achieve higher level of goals/ results by developing and motivate &  therefore encourage to improve their performance. These institutes use excellent teaching techniques which help the students to realize their potential , understand their strength & weaknesses. Thus, help students to overcome their weakness and to find alternative solutions to solve their problem in present & future .



5 Ways To Make Money From Home

5 Ways To Make Money Online (Become A Freelancer)

5 Ways To Make Money online Without any investment and scams in it. 

With any one of the skills in your hands, you can start making more than 5000 bugs per month. 

Your earning will start after 6 months of starting but you have to be good at it.  

Presenting 5 Ways To Make Money Online:

 Today many people are making a lot of money from freelancing. If you are good at digital marketing, web designing, content writing, SCO, PPC, or good at creative things like adobe photoshop then you can become a freelancer. 5 best ways to make money online.


It is a high paying job. The demand for freelancers are very high and they have a great future ahead. You can even start freelancing as just a part-time job. If you are a college student you can work for earning your monthly pocket money. Working for about 2-3 hours a day will make you earn, more than 7000-8000 monthly.


 1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy and profitable way to make money online. It is the oldest form of digital marketing where you refer someone via the product’s link when that person clicks on the link and buy the product then you receive a commission. This commission depends on the product’s price.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

  1. You have to join an affiliate program and register yourself on e-commerce sites.
  2. You pick a product to promote and you will get a unique affiliate link of the product.
  3. Then, You share that unique link via Social media, Blog, YouTube videos, Facebook ads, etc.
  4. When someone clicks on that link and purchase product then you earn a handsome affiliate commission.

2. Becoming a Youtuber 

Being a Youtuber is a very time taking thing. You have to be very patient and consistent with your content. You can be successful if you make funny &entertaining content or the information and knowledge-based content. 

Youtube is also a great source of passive income. Youtubers earns a lot of money also from brand promotion and social events. This is one of the ways from the 5 best ways to make money online

3 Ways To Make Money From Home


3. Become A Blogger

You can become a blogger. It is also a very good way to earn money online. one of the 5 best ways to make money online.

You can start blogging in Two ways: 

  • First by starting your own blog 
  • Second, by writing blogs for the other person 

If you want to earn immediate money by blogging, you can write blogs for others. But if you start your own blog, and you are good and consistent in it the earning will start in 2-3 months.it can also be a good option for the college students. In this profession, you must have good writing skills. Even with average writing skills you can grow and improve your skills.

4.  Shopify


5 ways to make money from home

It is a great way to make money online. You can start earning money in 3 to 4 months of starting.

If you produce or manufacture your own products you can put them on it. It can become a great way to sell your products online. It can bring a lot of customers to you. And become a great way for you to sell your products in bulk online.

If you are not the manufacturer or producer of any product. Then you can buy products on aliexpress and Alibaba at low prices, and sell them on Shopify at high prices.

5.  Become a consultant

Becoming a consultant is also a great job. You just need to have specific knowledge in any field. mostly related to online work.

5 Ways To Make Money From Home

many people online get stuck in many things don’t get the way out. They can take a consultation from you and solve their problem. It will generate traffic on your website. You can become a consultant in digital marketing, content writing, web designing, adobe photoshop, and many others.



These were the best 5 Ways To Make Money online or From Home from my side.  I hope it would be useful for you.

Best Dance Classes in Panchkula With Lowest Fee And Good Trainers

Best Dance Classes in Panchkula with Lowest Fee And Good Trainers

Best Dance Classes in Panchkula with Lowest Fee And Good Trainers this keyword is searched many times on google now a days. Dance is a type of art in which a person is moved automatically according to the sounds, music, tunes etc. Therefore it relaxes  our mind when we are in a state of frustration . Moving yourself with the music  tunes shows your flexibility skills. Likewise, a dancer is the one who respects music, skills, dance forms and specially the his or her  master or teacher (guru). Is there only one dance form? NO, there are number of  forms based on different places,cultures,music as well as the type of people etc.  disco ,rock,tango are some of its different names.

Types of dance form on different occasions in India.

There are many places in India where different types of people live according to there culture and heritage. Similarly, dance is also based on culture and heritage . We all know Punjab  has bhangra as ,Tamil naidu has bharatnatyam,Uttar Pradesh has kathak,Kerela has kathakali,Haryana has ghoomar as its dance forms  etc. Therefore these dance forms makes an academy the best. These dance shows are also found on Netflix.

Best Dance Classes in Panchkula with Lowest Fee and good trainer

Qualities Required To Be A Good Dance Trainer

Best Dance Classes in Panchkula with Lowest Fee is not enough to search we have to First be a  teacher you need to have respect for your dance form. In addition to that you need to be perfect in the particular form .One should have good qualities to handle students, to get familiar with kids,to converse with the students . Sometimes there are small kids in your academy who don’t  yet have any interest in dance. Madhuri Dikshit has a dance academy which is popular. So teacher is the one who creates interest  in the students, who makes every part of learning interesting for them.This is how best dance classes are found. Now we will get the best dance classes in Panchkula and Chandigarh.

Best Dance Classes in Panchkula with Lowest Fee And Good Trainers

Best Dance Classes in Panchkula and Chandigarh

Top 10 Dance schools in panchkula

1.Chandigarh Dance Academy HAS A SPECIAL SPACE     IN Best Dance Classes in Panchkula at Lowest Fee

This academy provides you with awesome environment,good staff members,mind blowing music system etc. From here they make you clear that there is a basic of skills which they install in your kid.

2.Gurukul Kathak IS Best  Dance Classes in Panchkula with Lowest Fee

Kathak is a form which is not very easy you need to be very perfect in each and every step .This academy provides you with best kathak skills. Here there is a very serious learning environment. This helps in promoting the child to pay attention in his or her lessons .

3.The Danza Land

This academy is blessed with every form of dance.Your child is entitled with enjoyment and graceful type of environment in this class . This academy helps you to promote your child in this field with low costs which is easily affordable.

4.Raman and Rahul Dance Coaching Academy

This coaching is run by two brothers named Raman and Rahul. So, in accordance with their talent they give right directions to their students  in this field .This is the best dance class in Chandigarh.

5.Dance classes panchkula- Lotus Dance Academy

This dance academy is located in sector 9 Panchkula. This is quiet more famous than any other class in Panchkula because of the best teaching skills of the teachers .

6.Lotus Dance academy

This academy deals with best choreographers in addition to trainers who are professional  in their specific dance forms . There are number of branches of this academy namely in Gurugram ,Delhi as well as Chandigarh etc. This is in sector 9 panchkula. This one of the best dance classes in Panchkula and Chandigarh.

7.ABC Dance Academy

Here students get both weekends and weekdays classes. Therefore it helps to maintain a good healthy lifestyle with maximum fun batches .This is located in sector 9 Panchkula.

8.Shimak Davar dance academy

They teach every easy step. Hence,this is the right place for kids to take their  first step  in dancing.

Dedication,patience,education and professionalism are the main keys of this institute.

9.The Show Stoppers Dance Academy

To win every competition and event is the main goal for trainers here. Besides this Students get a better learning environment here.

10.urban school of dance

Located in sector 8C Chandigarh. This academy helps  the children to reach easily till their goal . Furthermore Best skills and methods are available here with low costs.

Conclusion from above information

So as a result to begin with a training institute one must  have  good teaching skills. Similarly Passion, knowledge, education, dedication in dance is also important. Good environment, music system, teachers, management are the main things which parents want.Hence,these are the main need of parents and their children .This is hence known as  the Best Dance Classes in Panchkula with Lowest Fee.

Availability Of Best Engineering Projects In Panchkula

Choosing Best Engineering Project

Availability Of Best Engineering Projects In Panchkula for any student is now easy with best rates
and with free class to understand the project along with study material. All kind of engineering
projects with latest technology is now available in panchkula.


Why Engineering Projects are Necessary ?

In recent times lot of people are searching for best engineering projects availability in Panchkula,
if you are one of them and looking for ideas or you want to buy major or minor project for yourself
you are at right place. We will help you to get unique and easy to explain projects at very low cost
as it is next to impossible to make one yourself without consulting a expert.

google-site-verification: google4f71e60b4dc07116.html

My Personal Experience About Engineering Projects

I myself bought a major project when I was in 8th semester as it impacts your overall scores,
and also impact your practical knowledge and like everyone else I also knew to ensure you score
well in B.tech, you have to submit a major project which is best and have some good usage in our lifes.

It was way back in 2010-11, when I found major project for myself as I had lot of other things to do
unlike 80% other engineering students. So I thought of buying it instead of making one
and if you are one of those always remember few steps of buying a perfect project for yourself

Availability Of Best Engineering Projects In Panchkula

Steps Involved In Finding Best Engineering Projects

1: Try to find out list of projects which students will be submitting to ensure there is no duplicacy.

2: Always remember ” No fun for the writer, No fun for the reader”,so its important to know your project.

3: Go through the components used and specifications of your project to ensure you can explain it during

4: Check the durability of the project, check all connections with all the joints so that you can carry it easily.

5. The PCB (Printed circuit board) should be handmade, as there are lot of colleges do not accept ready made PCB’s.


List Of Latest Projects for Electronics & Communications Engineering Students

  • Room Automation by using cell Phones
  • Bi-Directional Visitor Counter
  • Electromagnetic Breaking system for car
  • Cellphone operated surgical arm
  • Fire Fighting Robot
  • Automatic L.O.C Guard by using PIR (passive Infrared Sensor) sensor
  • PC based home automation
  • Access Control system
  • Clap control switch
  • Drip based irrigation system/Vertical Farming

In the last, choosing a engineering project is easy if proper consultancy is taken. Chose your
project wisely and get best scores in VIVA to improve your overall B.tech scores.

Best Food in Panchkula at a Reasonable Price

Best Food in Panchkula at a reasonable price or if we want to eat delicious food at reasonable rate in Panchkula, we have different varieties of Dishes depending upon the taste of people so with all my personal experience will share few good places where you can enjoy the food which you like the most. As I am a food lover too and love to explore the places so today will let you know that from where you will get the best food in Panchkula

Best Food Found on wheels in Panchkula

Best food in panchkula

Food on wheels: So guys if we are talking about the Best food at a reasonable price which everyone likes. It’s our street food wherein you will get varieties as well as within your budget too, so if you are looking for good street food in Panchkula, you should not miss the chance to visit these places :


  • Apna Adda
  • Desi firangi

    Best Food In Panchkula

As we all know Amritsari kulcha is a weakness of Punjabi’s and if someone Mess with it, they might lose their customer and same goes for people who love chicken ,Dal Makhni, Paneer Meals , Pau-Bhaji so these are the best that I can recommend where you will get good snacks and enough food to fill your stomach. You will find this place in IT part Chandigarh.

Pocket-Friendly Best Family Restaurants in Panchkula

Family restaurants: Now if you are looking for a family restaurant then it’s not too far from where you are. A few months back I was in the same confusion and then one of my friend recommended me a place which I did not regret to choose and thought of sharing with you all because when we go out with our family we need to consider so many things like place, food, environment n all So its a place where you’ll find combos which will satisfy your hunger and will give you an awesome environment 

  • Barbeque paradise
  • Hot feast sector 16 Panchkula
  • Degchi sector 6 Panchkula
  • Western Court sector 10 Panchkula

Food with friends in Best Restaurants near Chandigarh

Food With Friends: Panchkula is a planned city and has an adjoining area with Chandigarh, Mohali, and Zirakpur so people often would like to explore and visit the places where they can spend some time with friends and enjoy drinks and cuisine so if you are one of those you should visit:

  • Hops and grains
  • The Brew Estate
  • Escape                                                             
  • Cove                                       

Where can enjoy the music and other dishes like Chinese, Italian food and live Music will complete your day in such a way that you will feel relaxed and come again.Try them out and you won’t regret.Trust me it’s best in a limited budget.For me, food is something which I enjoy eating because we cannot replace it with anything.I love trying different food because at the end of day it will give you a satisfaction that you are spending money on your hunger first and than on other things So I hope you found this post helpful.

Coaching Institutes In Chandigarh

Coaching institutes in Chandigarh are a highly searchable term of google trends. Many students nowadays are searching for coaching in Chandigarh as the competition here has increased so much and the education industry is facing allot of dynamism. Nowadays education has become a race and each of the students is running to conquer this race enthusiastically. so, we are here to help you in finding out the best coaching institutes in Chandigarh or coaching institutes in Panchkula.

coaching institute in chnandigarh

Basis Of Selecting Institute- 

first of all, this is very important for us to look out the basis to know the best coaching institutes in Chandigarh.

  • Stream (commerce, science or humanities)
  • credibility (goodwill of institute)
  • Many other factors like distance etc based upon the person to person

On The Basis Of Stream

  1. consequently, If you are going for commerce stream you’ll have some of these subjects
  • Accountancy
  • Business studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Physical education
  • English

Hence, In This, You’ll be Suggested About The Best Coaching Institute In Chandigarh And Panchkula For Business studies

Commerce village = commerce village is the best business studies tutor in Panchkula and Chandigarh. This institute carries a theme of making a child learn in class only plus the student does not have to put any extra efforts after the class. Notes are provided in class only. The speciality of this institute is that the child does not have to carry even a notebook. Commerce village carries off the theme of mental mapping with the usage of some chart naming (papa chart). This institute provides a student backup by providing recorded class video lectures in ultra H.D clarity. This institute prepares the student for 100 marks

what is papa chart?

specifically, papa chart in layman language is known as the summary or story of whole the chapter as it covers each and every important parts and topic which are most anticipated in C.B.S.E examination.  It is the altered and filtered notes made with the help of N.C.E.R.T book of C.B.S.E. It can be termed as a tool in mental mapping as it is the map which is printed in the mind of the children. consequently, if someone is looking out for the best Business studies classes must definitely visit this Best coaching centre in Panchkula.

for further details visit =www.commvill.com

AddressSCF 75, Sector 10, Budanpur, Panchkula, Haryana 134109 Business studies coaching
Phone0172 460 3499
Hours: Closes at 9 pm

Best Coaching Institute In Chandigarh and Panchkula For Economics-

commerce village = commerce village is the best institute for Economics in Panchkula and Chandigarh. this academy carries a concept of making the child learn in class only plus the child does not have to show any extra efforts after class, it provides students ample of time to cover the syllabus of another subject moreover notes are provided in class only. The speciality of this institute is that the child does not have to carry even a notebook. It carries off the theme of mental mapping with the usage of some chart naming (papa chart). This institute provides a student backup while providing recorded class video lectures in ultra H.D clarity. This institute prepares a student for 100 marks. as a result, finally, if someone is aiming to score 100 marks must definitely visit this institute

for further details visit- www.commvill.com

AddressSCF 75, Sector 10, Budanpur, Panchkula, Haryana 134109
Hours: Closes at 9 pm

Best Coaching Institute In Chandigarh And Panchkula For Accountancy

Commerce zone  = commerce zone is the best ever coaching institute in Chandigarh and Panchkula for Accountancy. Above all,  It carries a motif of practising accountancy without writing or solving any sum in class. Student gets an assignment from an institute with a very limited question. The theme of this institute is clearing the concept of the students with the limited questions of assignment and preparing students to solve any type of question. students get the services for H.D video-recorded lectures, Youtube lectures and many more. Therefore, if someone is furthermore looking out for accountancy classes must definitely visit this institute once.

coaching institute in Chandigarh

hence, for further details visit- 

AddressSCF-77, Sector 10,2nd Floor, Panchkula, Haryana 134109
Hours⋅ Closes 8 PM

Best Coaching Institute In Chandigarh And Panchkula For English

JB English hub = For ENGLISH JB hub is best-renowned coaching in Chandigarh and Panchkula. jyotika institute takes a theme of fully completing the course in 3 months with few plus days for revision. The most important part of this institute is that the students do not have to cram the answers from any reference book like BBC literary companion similarly, the teacher makes student self-reliant to write their own answers. Hence, if someone is moreover looking out for The Trail must contact this best coaching institute. Therefore, This is the best accountancy tuition in Chandigarh and Panchkula

Therefore, for further details visit- 

Address: # 574, sector 10 Panchkula Haryana                                                                          coaching institute in chandigarh

Phone: 8847211621

Best Coaching Institute In Chandigarh And Panchkula For Mathematics

JD Classes = J D classes are the best ever coaching institute in Chandigarh and Panchkula for mathematics. Here the student gets his concepts clear deeply and very fewer doubts are raised by the students, these doubts are covered in class only.  students get filtered syllabus and anticipated topics which make so much easier for the student to study such a difficult but noteworthy, subject easily. Hence, if someone is looking out for the trail or demo class must visit the institute once. Therefore, This is the best mathematics tuition in Chandigarh and Panchkula.

Hence, For Further Details Visit= www.commvill.com

coaching institute in chandigarh

AddressSCF 75, Sector 10, Budanpur, Panchkula, Haryana 134109                                                                 
Phone0172 460 3499



Therefore, In this blog, I will provide information only about  best commerce tuition in  Chandigarh and commerce tuition in Panchkula, if someone is furthermore interested in gaining information About other streams best coaching institute must contact= aroranitesh36@gmail.com

Hence, I hope this content provides the Best information and help regarding the best coaching institute in Chandigarh and best coaching in Panchkula.

Business Studies Project and Case Studies in Chandigarh

Business Studies Project and Case Studies are One of the biggest searchable terms on google trends. Also, the student nowadays searches for this topic so much as to get new and innovative ideas. so, If you are looking out for class 12 business studies project topics and business studies project ideas or even business studies case study for class 12, this would be the best page you have landed to earn or grab the right information. Since 2016, C.B.S.E has started case studies and project. Eventually, this is done by C.B.S.E to check the aptitude of the child. The history provides a shred of evidence to us that in past time there were simple free hit direct questions, of course of which everyone was able to crack. The students were easily able to gain 100 marks in this subject.

What is Business Studies

what is business studiesFirst of all, This is really important for us to understand what is business studies before going to the main topic. Business studies are all about understanding how to run a business along with this it tells us about the core to end of each and everything  ..that is related to business just like the formation of a company, all about management. Further, it covers all the function of management like PLANNING, ORGANIZING, STAFFING, DIRECTING AND CONTROLLING.  So, our respected C.B.S.E has given an N.C.E.R.T book for grade 11 and 12 which covers all the segments of business studies and is even more mandatory for a child to learn about practising a business. also, it is the most noteworthy subject as it covers the financial market, financial management and marketing management.

Need for case studies

Moreover, this is a good decision taken by the C.B.S.E to check the learning, creativity, trade and interest skills of the student. Moreover, Case studies have provided us with useful insight into the reality of the business world. Students are now easily able to understand the gravity of the topic, moreover case studies have provided students with a realistic feel of business studies. Furthermore, it has also added craze and taste about cracking such interesting case studies. further, it has increased the healthy competition among the students and now the indirect question has made a difficult task for the students to gain 100 marks in this subject. As a result, Case studies are just like a situation given to a person…and that person has to give an answer with the reference to the context given in their books.


WHY BUSINESS STUDIES PROJECT     business studies project and case studies

Probing further, the Project is all about a story in deep about a given topic which a student has to prepare in contrast. by which, he gets 8 marks for this project along with 12 marks for the viva. The project provides the student such an interest and makes the student so intellectual in the topic given. similarly, This makes easy for a student to understand the topic by providing useful insight into reality. Above all, The most anticipated topics of business studies for projects are MARKETING MANAGEMENT AND PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT. Similarly, we can also hear about BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT.

Class 12 Business Studies Project On Marketing Management

class 12 marketing mnagement project

Further, If someone Is  Approaching To Make Project On Marketing Management,  He/She Should Keep In Mind To Include the followings

  • Acknowledgement
  • Certificate
  • Introduction marketing
  • Reason for selecting the product
  • USP of your product
  • Competitive brands
  • Permission and licenses
  • Competition USP
  • Range of our product
  • Features
  • SWOT analysis
  • Packaging
  • Channel of distribution’
  • Warehousing
  • Pricing
  • Transportation
  • Promotion
  • Social message
  • Conclusion

As a matter of fact, the above-mentioned index is issued by the C.B.S.E. Though, this is just to give an idea about the project.

Business Studies Class 12 Project On Principles Of Management

Principle of management is the general guidelines which are made by the Henry Fayol and F W Taylor for the reason that provides efficient and effective management also the principle is known as the norms or rules which are based on scientific research and management. However, Principles of management are the highly anticipated topic of Business studies.

Further, If someone is Approaching To Make Project On Marketing Management so He/She Should Keep In Mind To Include

  • Acknowledgement
  • Certificate
  • Biography of Fayol
  • Principle of management by Henry Fayol
  1. Division of work
  2. Authority and responsibility
  3. Centralization and decentralization
  4. Unity of direction
  5. Unity of command
  6. Subordination of individual interest into general interest
  7. Equity
  8. Order
  9. Discipline
  10. Scalar chain (gangplank)
  11. Spirit de corps
  12. Remuneration of employees
  13. Stability of tenure of individual personnel
  14. Initiative
  • Scientific management principle by f w Taylor
  1. Science not the rule of thumb
  2. Harmony not discord
  3. Co-operation, not individualism
  4. Training of each and every employee to his or her best efficiency and ability
  • Photo gallery

above mentioned is an index issued by the C.B.S.E..while, just to give an idea about the project.

business studies class 12 case studies

Business studies project and case studies


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Arora tutorials academy is famous for their studies pattern because they are organize their examination after fifteen days.Every student should be participate in the examination and through it student doing their own growth.the teachers will help them in their studies. they treat their students very polarity and they also worked on the students moral studies.in this academy students love their studies.


4.Bright Academy in panchkula for science

Bright academy also very good in their studies and in terms of students facilities.the teachers of the academy share their new ideas with the students. and how their students can improve their IQ level regarding this they are guiding to the students.they also teach the students how to applying the concepts in the numerical form.

5.Deepak Classes for science at affordable fee

In  this institute one part of the teachers is to make a student learn and understand the concept and other part of the teacher is to apply those concepts well in the question.all teachers are permanent in the institute,every teacher is a brand in himself.they are the real strength of the institute.they are very friendly with their students.this strategy was the main reason behind the rapid expansion of the institute.

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8.Genesis Educates in panchkula for science

In this academy for students their is lot of facilities provided in terms of  studies. Free mock test series,online classes, group dissociation on the basis of students ideas.Teacher also participate in this group dissociation and clear all the doubts of the students.Teacher provide them previous year question with solved answers.Which is very helpful for the students.

9.Integal panchkula at affordable fee

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In this academy they worked with pre planned strategy. Like they divided teachers in two parts in which one part of teacher is focusing on students learning and understanding skills. Other one is apply those concepts well in the form of question.Then teacher and students both will work on those question’s answers and they get 100% result of this.


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