How to Crack IELTS Exam– If your next pace is to study abroad, then you are on the right platform.  Before you have to clear the International English Language Testing System exam. How to prepare for IELTS exam is a significant problem for the candidates who plans for higher studies or migrate to other countries.

IELTS test occurs to be one of most famous English language proficiency test is required for abroad studies. How to crack IELTS exam? How to score good bands in IELTS exam? Ielts is separated in two parts- Academic and General. It is considered as a basic standard for admission into any international University across the world.

One of the most fascinating factors of IELTS preparation is that students can smooth include their IELTS practice into their daily routine. English is not a native language but most of us are not be proficient in the language. English is the language to convince for most of the countries. How to crack IELTS exam within one month?

IELTS Preparation Tips for all Four Sections

There are four sections in the IELTS exam- Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Here are tips and tricks to How to crack IELTS exam?

IELTS exam

How to prepare for IELTS Exam?

Listening Section

The listening section is a first and most main section of the IELTS test. This section of the IELTS test contains four parts and includes 40 items.

Preparation tips for the listening section

  • One-to-one communication- As the one-to-one is communication between two persons. It can be a normal conversation or telephonic and after that normal questions are asked. Concentrate on recording until it stops and relates questions in the recording.
  • Speech- The trainers are made to hear a speech. They hear speech in an academic or general way and put a series of questions asked. Trainers measure how one can hold an idea of speech and highlight it.
  • After recording you have to transfer your answers to answer sheets and check spellings and grammar.
  •  A candidate has to practice both individuals talking and more than one persons talking.

Reading Section

This section appraises students reading skills. Students are handed over a long article to read by a position of questions like multiple choice questions, summary writing, short answers, etc. The reading section for academic and general is different.

  • Read as much as possible- This is might boring in beginning. Candidate can choose reading according to his/her interest easier part, the later on, he/ she can move to long reading parts such as an article, stories and so on.
  • Make notes- while reading students must make notes whic1h would help then for searching the details.
  • While reading it’s not necessary to understand the meaning of each and every word, you don’t have enough time.
  • The instructions include word limit you may not crossword limit which will mark the unnecessary answer.
  • Be careful to time limit no extra time is provided.

Writing Section

In writing section of each part has two subsections- In the academic test, you have to explain charts, diagram, graphs and article with favor and against the topic. In general test, a candidate is asked to present a situation and write a letter.

  • Reading sample essay- It is very helpful to read as many essays as possible. Read carefully and note down all the important points.
  • Essay Writing- it is necessary to write a sample essay for preparation. Note all the points which come to your mind.
  • Candidate must underline all the important points which are helpful while answering.
  • Candidate must answer to the point of the question, not any unnecessary or overwriting.
  • Keep the appropriate timing, in the 2 subsections more marks are possible than 1 subsection.

Speaking Section

This is a more fascinating section of IELTS test, this section involves one-to-one live communication with an Examiner. The duration of this test is 11 to 14 minutes.

  • Think before speaking- Before one minute a candidate is provided with a topic to speak. Instantly you have to prepare a speech.
  • This section helps to improve his/her English communication skills.
  • There is no right/ wrong answer in speaking test and it just to ingress how good
  • Always answer the question with detailed answers.
preparation for ielts exam?

How to prepare for IELTS Exam?


This blog is for those students who are currently preparing for IELTS, how to crack IELTS exam. Those who are preparing or planning to go for IELTS exam must follow above explained tips. If you are want to clear IELTS exam in a first attempt.

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