Astrologers are in great demand in todays stressed and hectic life.Every 9th person out of 10th person is in problem today and so he approaches astrologers for solution to his problem.Now when person thinks of astrologers there comes in mind best astrologers.By best asrologeer i mean who is the best among the lot.It means there will be various astrologers and who will be the best astrologer among the lot.And people are even ready to pay even huge sum to consullt the best so that they get the best solution to there problem.

Now there are various types of astrologers .By that i mean there are national level renowned astrologers whom every person knows who come onn tv . who charge huge amounts ,to meet whom we need to take appointments week before.There fees are also very high ranging from 2000-5000.Other are less renowned .they are less known and charge less.we can easily approach them by simply calling them.There is no hassles of taking appointments.

Now there are other types of astrologers who do poojas which are known as pandits.they also tell future ,

Now there are different methods of telling future by astrologers.In early days astrologers used to tell future by birth chart but now a days with advancement of technolgy now astrologers can easily analyse birth chart through astrological software which they can install in there computer or mobile phone.All they need is persons bith details i.e dob,time of birth and place of birth.Prior to that they can analyse anything which a person need to know.

Now comes the topic of discussion i.e top 10 astrolgers in panckula.Its very difficult to categorize all astrolgers in panchkula into top 10 categories as all astrolgers in panchkula are equally good.

Astrolgers in panchkula are spread in different sectors .some have opened there office in there houses only while some have opened there bussinessess in sco or showrooms.

Like in every city some astrolgers serve on appointment basis,some serve on face to face while some astrolgers guide people free of cost providing social service.

Most of the good astrologers of the country live in panchkula.One of the name is P.KHURANNA .He is well renowned astrologer country wide.

There is no exact list of top 10 astrologers in pkl but someof the well known astrologers in pkl are as follows:








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