Top 10 challenges of PUBG mobile are Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG)  is an online multiplayer battle game developed by PUBG corporation,published by BLUEHOLE, KAKAO  games, LIGHTSPEED and quantum. In which 100 people are drop at an island where person has to find weapons, medicines and has to kill other people and has to survive till last. It would be cool to do some sort of start roulette for whenever you want to add a little spice to your game are :-

1- One house to Role them all

2- Pistols only

3- Dead Man Roulette

4- Three in the Chamber

5- TorNADEo

6- Beep  Beep

7- Drive by Shooter (duos or squad only)

8- Player Unknown

9-The Sloth

10- no scope

11- Horror

12- Bridge Blockade

13- Somalian Pirates (Duos or Fours only)

14- cops

15- The World War Experience

Top 10 challenges of PUBG mobile are:-

I am sure with all these challenges every players game will get little interested to these games but some challenges are little bet difficult but try to continue the challenge without breaking the challenge and also some challenges  will give you more  experience, battle points and as well as kill streak.

Challenges of PUBG mobile is One House to Rule them all-one house to rule them all:-

You are only allowed to loot one house, all other loot can only be receive from dead bodies, you may go to ONE other house only if no gun was found in the first one.

Top 10 challenges of PUBG mobile

challenges of PUBG mobile Pistols only-pistols only:-

 You are only allowed to use pistols for the whole game without using any assault rifle and not also any sniper rifle. 

Dead Man Roulette-dead man roulette:-

You must swap inventories with every person you kill (or crate you decide to open because you found it on the ground)

Three in the Chamber-three in the chamber:-

You have three shots to kill someone (with each gun), so make them count. If you fail to kill someone with those three shots you must melee him to death or die trying


You can only throw bomb on people to death, If you are out of bomb you may melee them if you are unable to acquire bomb you may shoot people/melee them only AFTER you smoke them or stun them off.

Beep Beepbeep beep:-

Run everyone within your sight over, everything.

Drive By Shooter (duos or Squads only)-drive by shooter(duos or squad only):-

Everyone must shoot within the vehicle except the person who is driving the vehicle

Player Unknown-player unknown:-

Play as normal and you must remain Unknown, if you are spotted by a enemy then you lose the game and all kills must be done slowly with the help of a silencer or suppressor.

The Sloth-the sloth:-

You are way too slow and lazy, you can go wherever you want but only crouched or prone. you are a surprisingly good driver though…. for a sloth

No Scope-no scope:-

You aren’t allowed to use scopes on any assault rifle, melee weapons and sniper rifle and also not even red dot sight and holographic sight.


play the game as normal except you aren’t allowed to kill someone as soon as you find them. you got to stalk them Making creepy noises as you get closer, scaring the living shit out of them. once they shit their pants you may kill them.

Bridge Blockage-bridge blockade:-

Take a bridge, block the bridge and shoot on the person who is trying to cross the bridge.

Somalian Pirates (Duos or Fours only)-somalian pirates (duos or squads only)

Drive around in a boat and shoot people from it. If the circle doesn’t have any water then you steal cars from unsuspecting players.

  • Cops:-

You are not allow to shoot anyone unless they start shooting at someone else or they start shooting at you.

  • The World War Experience:-

The only guns you are allowed to use are the Kar98k, the double barrel shotgun, the pump action shotgun, and the P1911. You are not allowed to use holographic sight, red dot, ACOG (4x) scope, stun grenades, any barrel attachments, chokes for shotguns, or energy drinks.

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